Auto shredder residue accepted at Quad Cities Landfill

Millions of vehicles and appliances are recycled each year in the United States. While the bulk of the metals from these items are efficiently recycled, the shredding process creates a by-product known as auto shredder residue.

The challenge with auto shredder residue isn’t the size of the waste product – the vehicle is reduced to easily manageable fist-sized pieces; the challenge is what those fist-size pieces contain. Automobile shredder residue (ASR) consists of glass, fibers, plastics, fluids and rubber, among other things.

 With preapproval, the Quad Cities Landfill accepts auto shredder residue (ASR). Call Millennium Waste Incorporated to learn more about ASR disposal at the Quad Cities Landfill.

Automobile recycling is a big and efficient process. More than 10 million vehicles are recycled each year and, of those, 75 percent of the material is successfully recycled meaning successful auto recycling is keeping 11 million tons of steel and other recyclable material out of the landfills and back into consumer products.

Those are encouraging numbers and ones that Millennium Waste is proud to contribute to. Millennium Waste Incorporated knows that recycling has become crucial in today’s world and helps create a healthier environment for future generations. We understand the importance of preserving natural resources and recycling is one way to reduce the negative impacts of waste.

Millennium Waste Incorporated has a wide range of commercial services for Quad Cities customers. Providing services for both small business and large industrial operations, Millennium offers 2 to 8 yard front-load containers and roll-offs from 10 to 40 yards.

If you’re planning a project or managing business refuse, call our friendly customer service personnel and learn what Millennium can do for you.


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