The Quad Cities Landfill will be closing at 10am on Saturday for scheduled scale maintenance.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  Thank you!

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Don’t Trash your Grass

A visit to the market may be gloomier than usual these days with the hike in food cost. However, simply going back to the basics and using a gardening green thumb provides an abundance of nutritious food on the dinner table. A bountiful garden not only saves on food cost, it is also a therapeutic opportunity to provide peace of mind knowing where your food is coming from and how it is grown.

Waste Management Company Millennium Waste: The best thing to do with grass clippings is grasscycling.

Spring is right around the corner, uprooting dreams of widespread, perfected green lawns manicured to perfection. An immaculate yard is something many homeowners’ strive to achieve. Barriers such as the weather, water restrictions, pets, and even children manage to deteriorate well-thought out efforts. While some obstacles deter the accomplishment of having the best lawn in the neighborhood, there is one simple and green technique that is sure to bring life to your lawn.

While it may be tempting to attach a bag to the mower to gather grass clippings and eliminate the pesky little green shards that would otherwise be left behind; this concept is actually counterproductive. Grass clippings should be left in place across the yard as it may be used as a natural fertilizer. Clippings quickly decompose and return essential nutrients back to the soil.

Grass clippings and other yard waste make up 12% of solid waste in landfills throughout the United States. During peak seasons, that percentage can potentially increase up to 50%. Tossing out grass clippings and yard waste is wasteful and expensive. Taxpayers spend millions of dollars collecting and transporting yard waste to the landfill rather than using it as a natural fertilizer for their lawns.

Grasscycling promotes a positive environmental impact while benefiting your lawn. Consider the following grass clipping guideline to achieve an exceptional lawn.

  • Cut grass when it is dry. A wet lawn is difficult to mow as the grass is heavy and won’t provide a clean cut. A dry cut will help disperse the clippings more efficiently.
  • Maintain a sharp blade on the mower. A sharp blade encourages a clean cut, which prevents insects and disease from moving in the yard.
  • If there has been excessive growth in between clippings, raise the mower height and gradually lower for further clippings. A dramatic cut will throw the grass into shock, while a gradual cut over time will keep grass in a healthy state.
  • There is no need to gather the grass clippings after mowing the lawn. Simply leave them where they lay, the short clippings will soon fall into the deeper layers of your lawn.
  • If the yard has been treated with herbicides and you are planning on using grass clippings as mulch, wait at least three mowing sessions before using the grass clippings.

The conventional mowing practice of bagging can be placed in the past. Grass clippings bring an innovative green landscaping opportunity that uses less, in more ways than one.

  • Less fertilizer will be needed to maintain a colorful lawn since grass clippings return essential nutrients to the soil.
  • Less water will be wasted as the clippings help the soil retain water and maintain a healthy lawn.
  • Less work will be needed since there will be no unnecessary bagging.
  • Less waste will be accumulated since clippings will be utilized in a green fashion.

The best thing to do with grass clippings is to begin a grasscycling program. Including this recycling effort into a waste management program encourages an alternative to a traditional lawn maintenance program.

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Keeping the Community Clean

Millennium Waste Incorporated is committed to the growth and well being of the Quad Cities area. That’s why it’s so important to us to contribute to community events and activities. As proud members of the cities we serve, we are dedicated to youth involvement and keeping Betterndorf, Davenport, East Moline, Moline, Rock Island and all of our communities clean.

Events and Activities:

  • Extreme Cleanup
  • Quad Cities Marathon
  • Bix 7
  • Greek Fest
  • Cinco De Mayo Festival
  • Bettendorf July 4th Festival

Contact us today with questions or suggestions.


The Quad Cities Landfill will be closing at 10am on Saturday for scheduled scale maintenance.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  Thank you!

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