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Centennial Bridge at dusk

Cardboard Recycling | Millennium Waste

In a world that is continually working towards becoming more green and efficient with its resources, recycling has played a crucial role in helping to realize these goals. Rather than tossing away materials, a valuable resource can be produced by recycling, which in turn, creates a sustainable environment for future generations.

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Eco-Friendly Lawn Care | Be Green with Your Grass

With summer in full swing and plenty of fun and exciting things keeping you busy, it is easy to lose sight of everyday chores while you enjoy the dog days of summer. While it is nice to enjoy the pleasant weather when it is available, one chore that is important to maintain throughout the summer is proper yard care and maintenance.

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Keeping the Community Clean

Millennium Waste Incorporated is committed to the growth and well being of the Quad Cities area. That’s why it’s so important to us to contribute to community events and activities. As proud members of the cities we serve, we are dedicated to youth involvement and keeping Betterndorf, Davenport, East Moline, Moline, Rock Island and all of our communities clean.

Events and Activities:

  • Extreme Cleanup
  • Quad Cities Marathon
  • Bix 7
  • Greek Fest
  • Cinco De Mayo Festival
  • Bettendorf July 4th Festival

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